Sunday River Woods

Shot on a Lumia 1020, with an exposure of 1/850th of a second and f/2.2 at ISO 100, on January 17th at 10:16am

I am now three months out of knee surgery (repaired ACL and Miniscus) and because of this…  I am not much of a snowboarder.  But my wife is, and I am a great groupie!

This Sunday we went to Sunday River (how meta) and it was great!  Well, for her.  For me, the wi-fi was pretty deplorable, and there were only a handful of tables with outlets, so I hosed my battery while fighting for what little bandwidth there was available.  There is that, but I had a great day as well.  Did some walking, met a fairly diverse bunch of people, etc.

I also took this picture (well, a few, but you get this one).

Taken on my Nokia Lumia 1020, it is of some of the nature that is not the ski slopes.  Everyone takes pictures of the skiers, maybe next time, but here is a purty little stream around the Main Lodge.

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